ASSI 2021 invites registration for families with 0-3 year old children for our Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class. The class schedule is daily from Monday July 12 to Friday July 16 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM online.

This class is a demonstration class for SECE teacher training at ASSI 2021 and will be taught by Wan Tsai Chen, an SAA teacher trainer and internationally respected early childhood educator.

To register for the SECE class at ASSI 2021 please go to the SECE Registration Form . See fee information for tuition fees.

The Suzuki Association of the Americas website has this to say about SECE:

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is the realization of potential through active and reactive participation in the environment, which surrounds a child from birth. SECE is based on the premise that the potential for every child is unlimited. Believing that any country’s most important resource is its children, Suzuki Early Childhood Educators work in partnership with parents to create a stimulating learning environment. When the environment is rich and unpressured, Suzuki teachers observe that a child not only learns a skill but also gains a sense of purpose to life, an understanding of discipline, and an appreciation of beauty.

“Shinichi Suzuki called this ‘Talent Education.’ The word ‘education’ (kyoiku) in Japanese consists of the kanji Kyo (to teach) and iku (to foster). It means to teach and to foster until the material is absorbed so that it becomes inner ability. When there is inner ability as the foundation, the ability to think and organize develops. This enables children to spontaneously stretch towards higher levels. The skill of fostering that inner ability, I think, is the starting point of instruction. Dr. Suzuki explains in detail how to foster ability as well as how to train in a perfect score for everyone.”
— Masayoshi Kataoka, Editor of Talent Education Journal, Spring 1989


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