Video Requirements

Each participant is required to bring 2 videos of 6-10 minutes each. At least one of the videos should be of an individual lesson. In some situations, longer lesson clips may be shown.

If a teacher participant is not currently teaching individual lessons, they need to contact ASSI 2021 to set up an alternative (for example: teaching a student from the trainer’s or another teacher’s studio, an Institute student, or a mock teaching session.)

Video criteria

– Student working on Suzuki repertoire, with the teacher actively teaching (i.e. more teaching than student just playing)
– Repertoire may be from any unit the teacher has registered
– Student playing from memory
– Student and teacher are in camera view if possible, and parent is present

Participants may bring any videos they choose. Some possible options are those that:

– Show challenging situations
– Include a topic they are having trouble getting across
– Best represent them as a teacher
– Show a group class
– Show an entire lesson (if time permits)

Video Technology:

Participants will be sent instructions on how to upload their video prior to the course start.

– Participants need to check their videos in advance for functionality
– Videos should be edited to 6-10 minutes. (If participants are unable to edit their videos, they should have the exact start and end times noted.) In some situations, longer lesson clips may be shown.
– Workshop participants should send their video links beforehand. The trainer can then check for any technological problems and be able to start and stop the videos when needed during the class.