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You will find some excellent bargains on our website today. It is a clearance sale. 

Yes, it is time to retire.
When I began Coolfemme in 2004 I had just retired from a job of 12 years, and I had great empathy for people suffering from hot flashes from any cause. Coolfemme was an innovative answer. Researching fabrics, hiring skilled women, and receiving so many appreciative letters was immensely rewarding. When I explained ‘wicking fabric’ at that time it was often mistaken for “wicked fabric”, now it is everywhere.  The market has now expanded with a broader range of products contemplating your needs, so I believe you may in future be able to continue to relieve those symptoms. In the meantime, the clearance prices available today will allow you to stock up with our remaining inventory.

Today, my family includes grandchildren. Therefore, I am retiring again. We are enjoying these magical times together, while they are young.

I feel I’ve made hundreds of friends through Coolfemme over the years.
Thank you so much for your support, your thoughtful suggestions, and all your success stories. It has been a pleasure to deal with you.

The Night Wear That Gives Both
Women & Men
A Good Night’s Sleep!

Coolfemme wicking nightwear works to give you, WOMEN AND MEN, a good night’s sleep immediately, regardless of the cause of your night sweats. If you are the caregiver for someone with any of the conditions listed below, it is possible they may be too embarrassed to discuss their night sweats. Let them know that there is relief for them and the comfort of a healing night’s sleep.

Who is Wicking Nightwear For?

Menopausal Women

Our most common customers suffer night sweats because they are going through menopause.

Sufferers Of An Illness

Wicking nightwear works well for those who are fighting night sweats due to diabetes, hyperhidrosis, HIV, cancer or any other disease.

And Also Men

Men also go through hormonal changes and we also cater to them with our men’s nightwear range and pillowcases.

Are Night Sweats Keeping You Awake?

If sweating at night causes damp or wet sleepwear, if you wake up and change it, or you sleep on a towel or if you move to the other side of the bed, then you need Coolfemme sleepwear

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Coolfemme Clothing has changed the lives of many women (and men too) see what our customers have to say.

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