About Us

In 2004 Coolfemme Clothing’s wicking sleepwear was inspired by our own need to help find relief for the night sweats that prevent menopausal women from having a good night’s sleep. The experts refer to this as “the sleep disturbances of menopause”. However this is not just about disturbed sleep but about our lives; lack of sleep is a potential threat to family relationships, health and good humour.

It was not long before we realised this is not exclusively a problem for menopause or even only for women. Both men and women will have night sweats due to illness or medication or the hormonal fluctuations caused by some cancer treatments.

Women and men tell us about how they wake up, not just once a night but two or three times and more, damp or even drenched with sweat, every night. The waking up is bad enough but the real discomfort is the damp and cold nightwear and sheets and pillows (so we made pillow cases too) that are soaked. Once awake it is almost impossible to return to sleep without first getting out of bed, changing damp and cold nightwear and sheets……. until the next time.

Early research revealed that the fabrics then available were effective but not versatile. Test samples were well received by those with the most extreme menopause night sweats but otherwise were not deemed commercially viable.

Coolfemme™ has changed all that. The colours are vibrant, the fabric feels soft and elegant, AND it works. Sleeping in a Coolfemme Clothing nightgown or nightshirt brings comfort and a full night’s sleep. Coolfemme Clothing has changed the lives of many women (and men too) and they have sent their testimonials.