Coolfemme Ethics

All Coolfemme nightgowns, pyjamas and accessories are designed and produced in British Columbia by women in their own businesses with proper regard and respect for the skilled work they perform.  Coolfemme Clothing will endeavour to maintain ethical business practices in all transactions.

The term “sweatshop” is often thought to refer to a minimum wage factory job. If only this were true. In fact a sweatshop in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, Canada and worldwide is a workplace that does not respect or obey the prevailing laws regarding wages, safety, hours of work, job security etc. Workers have no protection from long hours, low wages, safety hazards, intimidation, sexual harassment, arbitrary discipline and dismissal. Maquila is the short form of the word maquiladora. It was originally associated with the process of milling. In Mexico it became the word for another kind of processing — the assembly of imported component parts for re-export.
CoDevelopment Canada is a Vancouver non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to improve the situation for women of the Maquiladora in Central America.
On a visit with them in 2001 to Honduras and Nicaragua, we learned that multinational companies were not respecting the countries’ existing labour laws. These laws, though not giving the same high levels of protection as those found in Canada, nonetheless offer some protections for the workers when followed.
If you are concerned about these issues in all parts of the world and want to know more

Coolfemme Clothing is an environmentally aware business when purchasing packaging and printed materials. We re-use or recycle these and also donate fabric waste to local recycling depots to reduce the load on our land fill.