Our Fabric

Our Fabric

All of our Coolfemme line is made exclusively with CoolBest® fabrics which are light weight, comfortable and easy care. Machine or hand wash in warm water 40°C to 50° C/ 105°F to 120°F tumble dry on low setting or hang to dry.

Coolfemme Clothing recommends purecosheets in the dryer.

DO NOT use fabric softeners or treated dryer sheets which can leave a residue that will adversely affect the wicking properties. Dryers become coated with this residue over time, you may need to re-wash and hang your garment to dry to regain the wicking properties.

CoolBest™ mesh is a durable high-performance functional polyester fibre. The tiny ridges formed by the unique cruciform (+) fibre speed moisture removal and diffusion. Dry, soft, breathable garments made from CoolBest™ fabrics keep you in total comfort.



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