Coolfemme Clothing has received many testimonials since we started in 2004. We have reproduced excerpts from some of them here, for privacy reasons, we have not added our clients’ contact information.

I like the PJ’s I ordered. The colour is how I imagined, the pj’s are a nice style and comfortable and do the job I was hoping for ‘wicking’ moisture from my skin at night. The only problem I had with them was that I did not order the right size for the bottoms. I found the sizing chart a bit confusing and as they are PJ’s bigger is better than too small but I think next time I would go smaller than larger size on the chart. Thanks for the email follow up.
LF Terrace, British Columbia 2014

I have tried several different types of nightwear. I have extreme night sweats and am disappointed. (Coolfemme offered replacement PJ’s in a different fabric weight). I would very much appreciate trying a different weight of shirt. If it works I would be happy to exchange the pants as well.  One thing I will tell my friends is you have excellent customer service.Thank you very much. Usually when you reply, you never hear back again from anyone and you feel that your opinions are just falling on deaf ears. I am very impressed by your rapid response to my comments.One thing I will tell my friends is that you have excellent customer service. Later…… I have received the replacement PJ’s and thought I would drop you a quick note with my comments. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. More importantly, your company’s treatment of your customers is exemplary. I was very impressed with the genuine interest you displayed in my satisfaction with the product. This is the way all companies should behave, however from my experience Coolfemme is one in a million in their customer service.
CT Chatham, Ontario 2014

Yes I am enjoying the new items I purchased and they work great.They are nice and soft – my only feedback is that I ordered based on measurements and the bottoms are 2 sizes larger than the top – and are way too big. I ordered a size 7 and easily could be at least 1 maybe 2 sizes smaller. Thanks again I can finally sleep at night!
HW Calgary, Alberta 2014

Thought I would give my comments on my purchase of your product. I am very happy with the “coolness” of the material and the comfortableness of the cut. However, I would say that somehow you should make it clear that the cuts are quite generous (maybe it was stated but I didn’t believe it). I ordered one size bigger because so often it says generous cut and still fits too tight… But I should have ordered as your charts specified! The ordering process was great. Easy. No problems. Appreciated the email confirming it and allowing a day or two to fix the order if required. Happy to have a Canadian company to order from! I would reorder and would recommend it to others.
BB Grande Prairie, Alberta 2014

Still love your product after at least ten years. Night sweats have diminished, but I still get the best sleep in your PJs. The nightgown and PJ set I bought a decade ago are still going strong! I recommend your products to all my friends. Thanks again!
WC Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec 2013

All is great, problem solved! Thanks so much for taking care of my needs in such a kind, professional manner, it was much appreciated!
LM  Cloverdale,BC 2012

I’ve worn them (my PJ’s) for a few nights now & they’re fab! I woke up this morning thinking there was a dream somewhere behind me (I rarely remember them,ever) which recently would’ve meant sopping jamas, & I was dry as a chip
Cate  UK (gift from Canada)

These (nighties) helped me hugely through a certain time of life – now behind me thank goodness – though, hang on, that means I’m really old:-). Seriously though – great products – I highly recommend them.
Karen  UK (gift from Canada)

I was most definitely in sweat mode last night and all parts in contact with the PJ’s were much more comfy than those which were not. The thing I am most surprised about is actually being comfortable in something that feels like regular polyester! If I had felt it on a rack, I would have said, “Mm….no.” Glad I did not have that chance as my biased opinion on the poly would have thrown me off. Please sign me as……….
Louise,  Montreal, PQ 2011

Thank you and take care, keep producing your great products.
MP  Trenton, ON 2011

Thank you for allowing me to return the nightgown I purchased (as a gift). I think your products will help many people. I am happy that I came across your website!
AA  Toronto, ON 2011

Thank you for sending an email to remind me you were at the West Coast Women’s Show. It is so much more comfortable sleeping in dry sheets.
RF  Langley, BC 2010

It came on Friday, can you imagine the service? (Coolfemme’s note: We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel service, an excellent service) The shirt and pillowcase are amazing, my husband is able to sleep properly now and not wake up in a pool of sweat.
DB  Maple Ridge, BC  2010

Much to my surprise and delight, we received our order from you this afternoon. (Coolfemme’s note: We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel service, an excellent service) Everything seems intact and the vacuum packing was a great idea. Thank you very much
DH  North Vancouver, BC 2008

The nightshirt and pillowcase I bought for my husband are working out well. The bed is NOT wet which makes sleeping so much more comfortable for both of us.
RF  Langley, BC 2010

I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference the shorts have made for me. I have taken to wearing them under my dresses instead of a slip because they keep me so much more comfortable and now when I am seated for long periods of time I don’t have to worry that my dress will be soaked when I stand up. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience the difference.
JS  Port Moody, BC 2007

I have had my Coolfemme outfits since last year and intended to comment sooner because I don’t use the product for its specified purpose. I have a disorder that makes me sweat profusely in most situatios requiring me to interact with other people. I am much more comfortable and relaxed when I know that what I’m wearing will dry quickly and minimize my embarrassment so I wear my Coolfemme as regular clothing! I took all my Coolfemme to Mexico and I don’t think I wore anything else except my bathing suit. Being able to wash it out and have it ready to wear the next day was a wonderful bonus! I can’t thank you enough!
BM  Vancouver, BC 2009

I really must thank you for your kindness, you didn’t hesitate to help us, a little group not only not in your community or even in your province.
LD  Red Hot Mamas, North Sydney, NS 2009

Thank you so much for your great work ethics. You are a company I will definitely refer to other. We are very thankful to have discovered you and your products. You have made our lives more comfortable. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
RK  Surrey, BC

I attend sessions of the “Red Hot Mamas” in (Nova Scotia). Your organization donated one of its pillowcases, and I was the lucky winner! I would like to take this opportunity to say I am really sleeping better since I started using it. I don’t wake up feeling sweaty like I did before I had it. I’m happy to say I feel so much more comfortable having your pillowcase on my pillow. It really keeps the dampness away.
CO  North Sydney, NS 2008

Wow…2004!  Five years since you first listened so carefully to the challenges I faced with terrible head sweats due to a very serious heart condition.  Within no time you addressed a couple of my issues and provided me with night caps, head bands, night wear and those unbelievably great pillow cases that I still use all the time whether I’m at home, in hospital or travelling. 

Now, 2009, I see you at the Women’s Show in Abbotsford still bringing comfort to so many peoples’ lives.  You’re the greatest, I can never thank you enough for the changes you have made for me in my life.  With surgery coming up on the 25th of Nov. I’m looking seriously at the hospital gown.  What a great idea!!!
LH Chilliwack BC 2009

I was fortunate to have my neighbour bring me a sample of your (Comfort Cushion) mastectomy shoulder pillow/cushion.  As soon as she tied it on me I felt relief as it supported/lifted my heavy arm away from my side and my incision. I think you have thought of everything in the making of this cushion.  It is very soft, very light and completely self adjusting as to where to wear it and how to use it.  I thought at first I would have preferred a different method for the fastening strap however I decided Velcro would probably irritate and a buckle would not be soft.  I hope you sell many more.
VB   Richmond, BC

These items were bought for my daughter.  She really likes the nightwear (in Ontario) and it is helping with the night sweats.  The sizes were a bit bigger than we anticipated, but they work very well.

Thanks, and we will be ordering again!
DF  Surrey BC 2008

I L-O-V-E my Coolfemme nightwear!  It is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.  It is amazing how I can lay there, with the miserable night sweats running down my body, and yet stay dry so I can get back to sleep quickly.  I had also ordered a pillowcase and it keeps my head and pillow dry.The fit is great, and it moves with me through the night really well.  I had been concerned that it might twist and cause problems, but it’s perfect.Your website worked very well!  I had no problems placing my order. I have no issues with your shipping and handling charges. The package arrived very quickly and in good shape.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input!
SL   St Albert AB 2008

The only thing I can say is that I now have my life back at night time. I can’t live without them. They work so well for me. Thank GOD for your products. I have referred so many people to your company as well. I should be your salesperson 🙂 Thank you for making these wonderful products.

You have saved my sanity. They fit fine and are very comfortable.  I sometimes use fabric softener on my laundry and my night wear gets plugged up with the fabric softener.  I tell myself it will be ok and then I try to sleep that night. My sleep is then miserable. I wash them without fabric softener and I get total relief again. My husband can tell if I use fabric softener because I toss and turn all night. I wish they would not get plugged up. That is the only complaint. That’s about it. I love your products. I am so glad I surfed the internet to find a solution and found your company. I was very miserable without them. I now travel and use them for all seasons all year round.  My doctors could not find a reason for the night sweats so I am glad that I don’t have to take meds just PJ’s. HA…HA…
 KL Smithville, Ontario 2008

When you say satisfaction guaranteed, you really mean it.  I have always been skeptical about ordering on the net, but you have made this transaction quite pleasurable.   Again, thank you.
LR, Star City. 2008

I was searching the internet in hopes of finding solutions to my night heat problem and I came across Coolfemme clothing. I didn’t actually think they would work but I had nothing to lose. I am very glad to have found your company.  I have been sleeping so much better every since then.  I have been to see several doctors re: this issue and nobody can figure me out. Nobody knows why this is happening…it just is. So the clothes help so much. Yes you can use my comments for sure. Glad to give them.
KV, Smithville, ON 2008

Thank you also for not charging shipping on the exchange items. So many online order companies do and sometimes it is difficult to order clothing online and I appreciate the extra consideration.
JN, Langley, BC

Just a note to let you know I received my package & everything was okay..the top now fits wonderfully & am looking forward to wearing them. My husband & I  love the  pillow cases. Thanks again for being so patient.
LK, Swift Current, SK 

Thank you for mailing this nightie. It has arrived.  I have washed it up and wore it last night.  It is very very comfortable.   I may be getting another one later.
LJ, Port Moody, BC

Yes I am telling people about your wonderful nightwear. Hopefully you will be hearing from some of them.
Cheers, RS

I really like my nightgown and find it WAY more comfortable than cotton by far! I am going to order another one, and maybe a pillow slip as I am doing a lot of “pillow-turning” these nights. I don’t think your nightgown can get rid of my hot flashes, but at least I don’t have to change my night-gown and sheets!
JF, Burnaby, BC

The order I have just placed is for my sister. The night sweats are driving her crazy. I have two more sisters and I am sure I will be placing an order for them shortly.  I told my doctor about your clothing and I gave him one of your business cards. He is going to mention your company to all his female patients who complain about night sweats.
Thank you,
JN. Langley, BC

Thank you  for your quick delivery, my Dad was pleased to receive the parcel today.
RC, Victoria, BC

Yes I am telling people about your wonderful nightwear. Hopefully you will be hearing from some of them.
RS, Terrace, BC

They arrived and I have been wearing them ever since.  They actually work the way they are described.  I never sweat in these.  Thank you so much and you can be sure I’ll be ordering more in the future.
GS, Moncton, NB

Wonderful!  I am really enjoying finally a good night’s sleep!  I have spread the word and your website, so don’t be too surprised if you get many more orders from Edmonton. Like I said, I finally can sleep at  night. Thank you so much for your quick and helpful replies.
SC. Edmonton, AB 2005

There’s a sense of compassion on your web site that is nice to see.
SG, Toronto, ON

I saw you in March at Surrey Memorial Hospital and bought a nightgown.  I absolutely love it and would like to purchase more items.
AP, Coquitlam, BC

I received part of my order and love the fabric!!
BM, Port Moody, BC 2007

I purchased a nightgown this weekend at the Maple Ridge Home Show and I just love it
DR, Maple Ridge, BC

“…my husband Steve…loves it (his night shirt) so much he wears it every night that it’s clean! Because his sweat isn’t retained, he can wear it for four or even five nights before he wants it washed; previously, and with any other night shirt he’s worn, he got only one or maybe two nights’ wear between washes. So, he is anxious to buy two more ASAP – and I love the style so much that I would love to have two for me. I also want to buy two of the pillowcases – night sweats mean my head is one of the dampest bits, and I do turn the pillow over and over trying to find a dry spot. Thanks again, I’m so looking forward to getting the same relief that Steve is enjoying”
Lorna, Ottawa, ON  2005

“I really do feel better, instead of my hair soaking and feeling terrible my head is now dry”
Carolynn, Bridesville, BC

“Washes well and dries fast, the fabric feels good on skin, during night sweats it does not stick to your body, you still have movement”
Chris, Coquitlam, BC

“Wonderful ! I am really enjoying finally a good night’s sleep! I have spread the word and your website, so don’t be too surprised if you get many more orders from Edmonton.”
Stella, Edmonton, AB

“My wicking pillowcase is fantastic! It does a great job of keeping my pillow feeling dry; not the usual clamminess every night.”
Drew, Burnaby, BC

“Thank you for making my new A-line nightie! It is most comfortable as well as being feminine. The fabric is absolutely wonderful to wear. I have already noticed a difference in my sleeping pattern
Audrey, Vancouver, BC

“I just had to write to thank you for the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. I was beginning to wake and for a split second I thought “Oh no, I’m sweating, here we go again” and the next thing I knew, it was morning! I didn’t wake up fully in the night because the Coolfemme nightgown did its job. My Coolfemme nightgown was a gift from Canada and I can honestly say it is wonderful – it does exactly what you claim. So, THANK YOU Coolfemme. I do hope your products will soon be available in this country.”
Karen, West Sussex, UK 2006

“I was thrilled to receive my Coolfemme order … the products are absolutely beautiful. Since wearing my Coolfemme nightgown I have been able to sleep much better. Once again, thanks a million…..and I know I’ll be ordering more of your excellent products. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!”
Elaine, LaSalle, Quebec

“Coolfemme…a blessing beyond words. First they listened to what my problem was (severe head sweats related to a very weak heart condition), then they suggested ideas and worked to make products that would meet my needs. A new pillowcase that absorbs the moisture and leaves my head feeling cool and dry. This has greatly improved the quality of my sleep. Headbands and a toque were added. All give me the same cool and dry feeling. I no longer walk around with my head and shoulders soaking wet. Not only have you brought me comfort and rest Coolfemme, you have made me feel so much less conscious of a condition that I live with daily. I’ll never be able to thank you enough!!!”
Lois, Chilliwack, BC

“It was during flu season, the whole family was sick, especially my poor husband. He woke during the night just soaking wet. After a shower and changing the bed we settled back down. Fifteen minutes later he was soaking again, then I had an idea. If my bubble gum pink night dress helps me stay dry during my light sweats, could I put it through the ultimate test on him? Why not? It worked, no more wet bed, no wet hubby. Next morning he only had two complaints, one the colour and two the size! Thank you!”
Margaret, Coquitlam, BC 2005

“Thank you for going the extra mile”
Valerie, Coquitlam, BC 2005

“Thank you! a wonderful new product that really helps night sweats and allow you to sleep much better. I found the product to be very comfortable and cool when used as a lounge outfit”
Wendy, Parry Sound, ON 2006

“I am sleeping VERY well these days”
Pat, Coquitlam, BC 2005

“I get hot when I go to bed. Did wonders for sleeping. They’re good, no doubt about it. Comfortable, great!…”
Joyce, 82 years young, Port Coquitlam, BC 2005

Better late than never. At 87 years, my Coolfemme nightgown gives me cool comfort and relief from my occasional night sweats. . .”
Dorothy, Parry Sound, ON 2004

“I thought sleeping without night clothes was the best deterrent to the disruption caused by night sweats: I was wrong. Since getting my new samples I have slept better than I have since entering menopause, as I did not wake up with soaked sheets, or because damp sheets were sticking to me.
Louise, Port Coquitlam, BC 2004

“Just so nice not to be changing clothing in the night, having (the same) clothing on all night, not being wet”
Holly, Pitt Meadows, BC 2005

“I just love mine…use it all the time”
Barb, Victoria, BC 2004