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David Frum

David FrumDavid Frum worked as a journalist before taking a job as a speechwriter for George W. Bush. He is currently a senior editor at The Atlantic, and the author of New York Times Bestseller The Right Man, and the novel Patriots, among numerous other titles.

Whether it is the latest foreign policy debate or the inner workings of the White House, David offers refreshing and clear insights of complicated issues of the day. The Wall Street Journal dubbed him one of the leading politician commentators of his generation for his work in The Atlantic, Newsweek, The Daily Beast and CNN.

In his book on ‘public intellectuals,’ Judge Richard Posner listed Frum as one of the 100 most influential in North America. The Daily Telegraph has regularly listed Frum on its annual list of the 50 leading conservative figures in the United States.

In his quest for the truth, David has been a long-time advocate for shaking up the polarized U.S. Political system. He provides fascinating insight into what political outcomes mean for specific audiences around the world.