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Julia Frayer

Julia FrayerManaging Director
London Economics International LLC

Julia Frayer is a Managing Director at London Economics International LLC (“LEI”) with more than 20 years of experience providing expert insights and consulting services in the power and infrastructure industries. She has worked extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia on a range of issues in the electricity sector, including wholesale market analysis (to support policy analysis, investment and commercial strategy, resource planning, M&A due diligence, and wholesale market design).  Julia also has experience with regulatory matters in the electricity sector, including expertise on tariff design, performance-based ratemaking, and market power regulation.

Julia is currently advising clients on ongoing market design issues in several US markets. This includes crafting solutions to address New England’s fuel security challenges, providing recommendations on New York’s carbon pricing plan, and opining on PJM’s energy pricing reforms. Julia and her colleagues have also conducted comprehensive analysis of the new capacity market rules in New England and PJM, and are monitoring developments in California, Texas and Ontario. Outside North America, Julia has worked on renewable and decarbonization policies, along with accompanying reforms. Julia has been assisting clients on the challenges of evolving market construct and regulatory design relying on the foundational idea that an optimal wholesale market design is a moving target in world of fast-paced technology changes and ambitious environmental policies.

In recent years, Julia has worked on a number of projects within the electricity sector in Alberta.  Some of her most recent project work revolved around the capacity market design. In addition, she has provided due diligence support on multiple generation investment opportunities (for both renewable and conventional technologies), advised on regulated rate design, investigation of retail market dynamics, competitive procurement of services, and M&A support.

Over the years, Julia has had the opportunity to work with IPPs and consumer advocates, regulated utilities and regulators, ISOs and industry associations. This diversity of clients and viewpoints has shaped Julia’s understanding of the most pressing issues in the energy sector and, contributes to framing of the solutions she delivers to her clients.