Zooming Forward—Community Connections via Video Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have been reimagining what it means to be a community and to be connected in a moment when physical distancing is necessary for the greater good. We come together each Sunday at 10:30am as a multi-generational community for Sunday Service via Zoom, and prior to that at 10:00am via Zoom for Religious Exploration programming. For the moment we will hold weekday connection times as well as Sunday Services via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please see your MiniLinks weekly email for details, and connect with the office if you are not receiving emails successfully. We will also Facebook Live the meditation and sermon on Sundays when possible. Please check the Facebook page and subscribe for updates to get a notice when posts happen. If you are trying to connect but haven’t received the information for this week please email the office, Rev. Beckett, or DM the KUF Facebook page for details. We look forward to seeing you, speaking with you, and including you in our time for gathering—however that is possible in this difficult time. Please take care, stay healthy, stay strong, and may we find our way back together when the time is right!

KUF COVID-19 Update

KUF COVID-19 Update 
April 16, 2020 Update – KUF will continue to suspend all services, meetings, rentals, gatherings, and other activities within our building until further notice.
Meetings and services are being moved online where possible, or cancelled if necessary. Check out the instructions for using Zoom.
The Executive Committee met after Ontario was declared a state of emergency to make this decision, keeping the health and safety of our members, friends, and staff as our priority.
Don’t hesitate to contact KUF if you are in need of help.  We will rise to meet this challenge as a community that works to protect and care for one another both physically and spiritually.
 – Your Executive Committee

Since I joined KUF almost two years ago, I have been welcomed in the group as together we explore what spirituality is and engage in meaningful dialogue with each other. People have reached out to include and invite me to participate. With our fabulous new … read more.

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