A Few Resources for Staying Home

This month’s sacred word theme was surrender, and the corresponding practice is of giving our lives to something greater than ourselves. And in this moment in history that has meant staying home as much as possible, minimizing contact with others, and flattening the epidemic curve of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Canada. 

While some of us are busier than ever (parents who are now homeschooling children, medical personnel, ministry teams, and more) many folks are finding themselves with a little extra time. To help you find inspiration and enrichment during these days of physical distancing the following are a few links to online resources that have been shared with me over the past few weeks: 

National Arts Centre/Centre National Des Arts 

Livestream performances for #CanadaPerforms can be found all over the internet, and you can also follow #CanadaPerforms and NAC on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out what they have in store for everyone who is social distancing and in self-isolation: 


The YouTube program “Some Good News” from actor John Krasinski (episode 3 is my fave so far—can you guess why?): 

Montreux Jazz Festival—Free access to 50 concerts to stream


Check out this curated list of stage shows, musicals, and opera that you can watch online now for free from “Whats On Stage”


The Met is streaming opera nightly: 


And there is so much more online right now too, and if these don’t inspire your curiosity I hope that you are able to find ideas to enrich your hours while you stay home! (Curated and adapted for KUF by Rev. Beckett Coppola and KUF members inspired by the sacred word theme ‘surrender.’)