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What We Wish People Knew About Unitarian Universalism

One Unitarian Universalist minister in Canada, Rev. Steven Epperson serving at Vancouver Unitarians, wanted to share things we wish folks knew about Unitarian Universalism. From the richness of our historical roots, and the challenges of a living faith, to the benefits it offers to those … read more.

Raising Deaf Culture Awareness

Six months ago I was contacted by Kingston Unitarian Fellowship (KUF) through Susan Young, parent of a Deaf adult, to provide a presentation to raise their awareness of Deaf Culture and that occurred today. KUF is for all those in the Kingston area who support … read more.

OWL Press Release

Our Whole Lives at the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship

Press Release
October 1 2018

In response to Ontario government’s decision to repeal the 2015 Health and Sex Education curriculum the Kingston Unitarian fellowship (KUF) is now offering the comprehensive sex education program, Our Whole Lives (OWL). … read more.

Orange Pylons

Being active is important for all ages. This year, we’ve got an exciting new RE curriculum that offers opportunities for outdoor play and learning. We’ll be using pylons to block off two or three spots each Sunday for the children.

While this makes our parking lot … read more.

Video, Installation of Rev. Beckett

On 22 April 2018 KUF installed our new settled minister Rev. Beckett. Where you unable to be there in person? Or did you want to hear one of the speakers from the installation a second time?

The video of the installation is posted on YouTube thanks … read more.