Thematic Thoughts

Connect with Mystery on a Clear Night

Evidence suggests that even before human history began to be recorded we were star-gazing. It has been one way we humans contemplate the concept of mystery. For scientist and mystic alike, the stars are central to understanding our place in a mysterious universe, and the … read more.

Quotes From the Common Bowl

Word Roots: 

Memory derives from the Latin word memor (mindful, remembering), from Proto-Indo-European smer- (to remember). It was used in Latin as memoria, which later became memorie in Old French. By Middle English it was being used as memory.


What greater thing is there for two human … read more.

The Memento That Matters

We all have one-a memento that holds some of our favorite memories! The physicality of these objects somehow holds a memory as a precious reminder, or perhaps gives it some sort of ‘substance’ or staying power. But they also have a way of getting knocked … read more.

Sanctuary From Your Cell Phone (and E-Mail)

If there’s one thing that most stands in the way of sanctuary these days, it’s cell phones, email, and the constant interruptions of social media. They keep us stuck in a storm of doing and cut off from the sanctuary of just being. They are … read more.

Your Many Sanctuaries

Sanctuary comes to us in many forms during our lives; this exercise invites you to meditate on the gifts you’ve received from them.

Take some time to think of or write a list of all the various places, spaces, relationships and experiences that have functioned as … read more.

Pondering Questions

As always, don’t treat these questions like “homework” or a list that needs to be covered in its entirety! Instead, pick one question that speaks to you and let it lead you where you need to go. The goal is to figure out what being … read more.

End Your Day with Sanctuary

Even if we don’t refer to them as such, many of us have “morning rituals of sanctuary.” We meditate, take the dog for a walk, swim, read a devotional, or (my personal favorite) make ourselves coffee or tea.

It’s all about getting the day off on … read more.

Your Personal Vision Statement: Visualize It!

 Some of us are visual learners, so instead of writing your personal vision statement, create a visual representation of it. This popular technique is called vision-boarding. Here are three great sites that explain what a vision board is and how to go about creating one:

… read more.

What Is Beyond Words in Your Human Connections?

This poem invites us to deepen our connections as we engage with each other. Take some time this week to reflect on how deeply you are looking at the world around you, at the people around you, and how your world and the people in … read more.

Pondering Questions

Pick the question that speaks to you most, and let it lead you where you need to go. Don’t think of these prompts as “homework” or a list that needs to be completed. Which question is calling to you? Which contains your work? Where is … read more.