Celebrate Child Haven on May 4!

6:30 Saturday, May 4, join Kingston’s 17th annual Child Haven International benefit for 10 children’s homes and 2 women’s education programs founded by Maxville, Ontario’s Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, and their son Robin in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet in China. Come enjoy a sit down buffet supper of authentic Indian vegetarian and meat dishes, and then sweet desserts the Royal Kingston Curling Club, 130 Days Rd.. Entertainment includes the India Canada Association dancers and the Kitchen Gypsies, plus Bollywood dance lessons, and a fair trade Indian crafts silent auction and bazaar. The evening ends with a fun, competitive live auction of some of the larger wool carpets and furniture.
The Cappuccinos practise altruism, balanced with pragmatism and good humour. The Child Haven homes run on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, with NO proselytizing and NO discrimination by gender, caste, race, religion or culture.  The Cappuccinos are very committed to local solutions and management, education and sustainability. 
Kingston’s event organizers, Andy Rush and his wife Jackie RushMorgan have been interns for Child Haven’s homes in 2017 and 2018. 
“What I noticed most is that the children are so beautiful in their sincerity and enthusiasm,” explains RushMorgan. “The staff – including the administration – are keen and hard working because many of them grew up in the home. Living with the children convinced me that Canadian donors have a huge impact on the lives of destitute children and women.”
“And Kingston throws a great party for Child Haven,” adds Rush. “At last year’s event, our Bollywood dance instructor (also an engineer from Montreal), Kuljit Sodhi, offered to lead our Kingston volunteers through cooking the meal, just as he’s done for other Child Haven fund raisers in Ottawa and Montreal. The food will be great! Then there’s always real chai, and a cash bar. I love seeing the Kingston’s India Canada Association children dancers. I love the Bollywood dance moves by volunteers from the crowd, too!”
“Andy’s our auctioneer, ” adds RushMorgan. “We’ll raise money for Needs List items, such as library books, vegetables and even a waterproof roof*. There will also be an ongoing silent auction of Fair Trade crafts, clothing and decor items imported by Bonnie. We’ll sell a couple books:  Bonnie and Her 21 Children by Fred Cappuccino and a children’s picture book Bonniema and Fredpa’s Big Family, by Shelley Adam. We hope to have the Cappuccino family there, too.”

*Child Haven is Revenue Canada Charitable # 11885 1922 RR0001
*Tickets ($35, kids under12 free): from Novel Idea, 56 Princess St.; OR Jackie RushMorgan jackierushmorgan@gmail.com OR by Paypal from childhaven.ca