Crossing Thresholds

In his book “Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World,” the poet and theologian John O’Donohue said: 

“…wonder is the [sibling] of novelty, and newness, and freshness…. Imagination is one of the closest presences in the whole family of wonder. In a way, imagination is a quality of all of these different presences. And imagination is the threshold at which they begin to emerge. Imagination never pretends to know it all. It never demands or claims an absolute standpoint, but it always relishes and celebrates the fact it is on the threshold, where it cannot see everything.”

This opens our month considering the theme of thresholds, the door, sill, or portal that marks our departure from one location and our entrance to another. When have you moved through a doorway, a gate, a test, an exam, or a ritual that marked an important moment in your life? How were you transformed by it? And how did imagination and wonder help you on that journey? 

For more on this topic, and beyond, watch for more content in the upcoming issue of KUFLinks. 

(Curated for KUF by Rev. Beckett Coppola inspired by the May 2020 Soul Matters sacred word theme ‘Threshold.’)