Children’s Religious Exploration

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Young people are highly valued: they are a central and important part of our life as a fellowship. The Religious Exploration Program for children and youth attempts to address the diverse needs and interests of young people. We feel we have much to offer. On most Sundays, the children and youth join with others for the beginning of the service. After the children’s story, young people move downstairs where they participate in a sharing time. Following this there is a variety of programming, usually organized by age categories.

In the recent past, our curriculum has offered the opportunity to explore many topics, including drama, the natural world and other religious traditions in our community. Our R.E. program also features “Coming of Age” programs to honour the transition from childhood to youth and the “Our Whole Lives” curriculum which recognizes and affirms that humans are spirit, mind and body together. For the youngest among us there is a nursery. Toddlers and other youngsters are welcome to enjoy blocks, toys and crafts with the supervision of an adult.

Highlights of a year in R.E. often include field trips to the Cataraqui Conservation Authority, Ottawa and other nearby destinations. Special services in the Spring, Fall and Winter months draw on the children’s creative participation and leadership. Another highlight is our annual retreat to the Unitarian Camp in the Adirondack Mountains. We welcome all children, youth, and their parents and care givers to explore any or all aspects of our Religious Exploration programs.

The Seven Principles (Children’s version)

  • Every person is important
  • We are kind to each other
  • We help each other learn
  • Each person searches for what is true
  • All people deserve a say in what happens
  • We work to build a fair and peaceful world
  • We care for the Earth and all creatures

Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group in New York City
Senior Youth Group in New York City for the 2014 UU-UNO Youth Conference.

The Senior Youth Group of KUF is a world apart from the chaos of high school, somewhere to retreat and recharge, to discuss and dance around, to celebrate and commiserate about matters personal and universal, where people care about the world and each other. Youth-empowerment focused, the Senior Youth Group offers an opportunity for youth to develop their leadership skills by facilitating cool workshops, leading activities as well as participating in and hosting UU gatherings (cons).