Faithfully Hearing the Voices of the Historically Marginalized

When Beth Israel Congregation, one of the Jewish communities here in Kingston,  observed Yom Kippur recently, their Rabbi Erin Polansky produced a video sermon speaking to the Black Lives Matter movement and the Jewish call: Justice, justice thou shalt pursue

This video was shared with the Kingston Interfaith Community because Rabbi Erin walks with her listener through a hard conversation that is deeply important right now in all faiths. And has been for many years. 

Hard conversations can be difficult to hear thoroughly, to stay present with, and to move through with compassion. And more than that—the impact of hard conversations on us, how they change us, change what we see in the world around us, and call us into our work as Unitarian Universalists—can be at best uncomfortable and at worst painful. 

I invite you to listen deeply to these words shared by a colleague of mine in the Kingston Interfaith Community. Hear the message in her words, and reflect on how listening deeply to it and engaging with this conversation yourself might serve your growth, your evolution, and the future of your work as a person of faith. 

(Curated and written for KUF inspired by the 2020-2021 Soul Matters materials on the theme ‘Deep Listening’ by Rev. Beckett Coppola.)