OWL at Kingston Unitarian Fellowship

Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, Kingston Unitarian Fellowship is proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula.

If you are interested in registering your child(ren), learning more, or helping support this important work, please contact Amy Findley at re@kuf.ca.

You can learn more about OWL here: https://www.uua.org/re/owl.

Grades Kindergarten-1

KUF is not offering OWL for this group in the 2019-20 year.

Supports parents in educating children about birth, babies, bodies and families. Following a Parent Meeting and Parent/Child Orientation, the 8 sessions engage children with stories, songs and activities and include a weekly HomeLink – a homework project for parents and children to do together. Promotes dialogue between parent and child.

Grades 4-6

KUF is not offering OWL for this group in the 2019-20 year.

This 8-session program is designed to help children gain the knowledge, life principles, and skills they need to understand and express their sexuality in holistic, life-enhancing ways. This comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program introduces key topics like values, body image, gender and sexual identity, peer pressure, and healthy relationships with sensitivity and inclusiveness. Participants will read It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris. Each session includes a HomeLink – a homework activity for parents/caregivers and children to complete together.

Grades 7-9

KUF is not offering OWL for this group in the 2019-20 year.

A sexuality education program for youth that models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice. A holistic program that moves beyond the intellect to address the attitudes, values, and feelings that youth have about themselves and the world.

Unlike many other sexuality curricula currently available, this program is comprehensive and progressive. In an inclusive and developmentally appropriate manner, it addresses sensitive topics that are typically excluded. New topics include body image, social media/internet, bullying/bystander responsibilities, and consent education.

Grades 10-12

KUF is not offering OWL for this group in the 2019-20 year.

Using a comprehensive approach, this program helps senior-high youth gain the knowledge, life principles and skills they need to express their sexuality in life-enhancing ways.

Adult OWL

Using values, communication skills and spirituality as starting points, this program explores sexuality issues for adults of all ages. Builds understanding of healthy sexual relationships, affirms diversity and helps participants accept and affirm their own sexuality throughout their lives. These sessions are often run as one off topics or as short series based upon the participants knowledge and interests. This includes Young Adult OWL, Adult OWL, and Older Adult OWL to match different life stages through our journeys.

Registration for OWL occurs online here: https://forms.gle/Hfq3bXHp1ntL8aBMA or by contacting the OWL coordinator, Amy at re@kuf.ca


Participants are asked to commit to attending all sessions. The fee for this session is $30. Financial assistance is available, contact Amy Findley for details.

The sessions will happen on the following Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 at KUF: October 10, 17, and 24 and November 7, 14, 21, and 28.

The first session on October 10th is an introductory session and is open to registered participants and those that are unsure if they want to register for the program. Additional stand-alone workshops will be offered in the spring of 2020. The fee for the fall series is $30/person. Registered participants may attend the individual workshops in the spring at no additional cost. The individual sessions in the spring will be offered at a cost of $5 per session for those who did not participate in the first series.

Childcare is available ONLY with prior arrangement.


“There are some things it’s better not to learn from the internet and OWL saves you from having to ask your parents. I’m always surprised how little some of my friends know about their own bodies and personal health. Health classes in schools don’t teach enough and OWL is also way less awkward than a health class.” – Cassie

OWL helped me understand that being yourself is more than enough, and that healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us can – and should be – totally expected.” – Neal