Pondering Questions

Don’t treat these questions like “homework” or try to answer every single one. Instead, make time to meditate on the list and then pick the one question that speaks to you most. Once you’ve figured that out, think about what that question is trying to get you to notice or acknowledge. And most important—have fun with this! 

What was your favourite threshold time in your life? How are you honouring the joy and gift of that time in your life right now?

Who taught you the most about leaping through and trusting thresholds?

Looking back on the last major threshold you crossed, was there something you now wish you’d brought along? Or maybe something you wish you’d left behind?

What is your next challenge in daring to be human?

Who or what do you need to learn to love next?

Are you good at making graceful exits? Or is your style one of slipping out the door without anyone noticing? Or maybe even thundering out of the room?

What if thresholds are meant to rest in, not rush through?

How would someone be able to tell that you’ve made a journey through a spiritual threshold?

Is it time to turn from wishing you could have a new beginning to working on making a new ending?

Were you a child that loved to visit dark attics and basements? Or were you the kid who would do anything to avoid it? How about today? Do the attics and basements of your life lure you or scare you?

So you’ve made the journey over that threshold. How are you now supporting those who are still on the other side? The ones still working to make it over?

(Curated and adapted for KUF from the 2020 Soul Matters materials for the theme ‘Thresholds’ by Rev. Beckett Coppola.)