Pondering Questions

Don’t treat the following questions like “homework”, or try to answer every single one. Instead, make time to meditate on the list and then pick the one question that speaks to you right now. The goal is to figure out which question is yours, or which question contains a piece of your work. It may even be helpful to read the list to a friend or loved one and ask them which question they intuit is the one with which you need to wrestle.

What is your intention when you wake up? Some begin the day by asking, “What do I have to get done?” Others ask, “What do I want this day to be about?” Which are you?

Are you too intentional? Is it time to put down the “doing” and pay a bit more attention to “being”? Is your to do list about doing or being? What would it look like if it was balanced?

Intention could be seen to arise from within our deepest selves. What do you do to stay in touch with the fire in your belly?

To be intentional there must be space in our lives. When was the last time you paused, stepped back and allowed yourself to ask, “Am I going in the right direction?” 

What if it’s not about what you intend to do with life, but about what life intends to do with you?

Have you ever felt that life was living you rather than you living it?

Is it finally time to give up that unrealistic intention? The one you’ve failed at following through on again and again? The one you’ve been beating yourself up over, again and again? Is it time to intentionally be gentle with yourself and let it go?

Are you as good at assuming good intentions in others as you are at defending your own? 

Darren Hardy wrote, “Old habits eat good intentions for lunch. Change your habits so you can change your outcomes.” What new habit might you put in place that enables your intentions to become real rather than overwhelming them? What old habit might it be time to let go of?

What’s your question? Your question may not be listed above. As always, if the above questions don’t include what life is asking from you, spend the month listening to your days to find it. 

(Curated and adapted for KUF from the 2021 Soul Matters materials for the theme ‘Living with Intention’ by Rev. Beckett Coppola.)