Pondering Questions

Don’t treat these questions like “homework” or try to answer every one. Instead, make time to meditate on the list and then pick the one question that speaks to you most. The goal is to figure out which question is “yours.” Which question captures the call of your inner voice? Which one contains “your work”? And what is that question trying to get you to notice or acknowledge?

Often it helps to read the list to a friend or loved one and ask them which question they think is the question you need to wrestle with!

  • What have you trusted since childhood? What have you never lost faith in?
  • Has your faith in humanity increased or decreased as you’ve grown older?
  • How is your faith in democracy doing?
  • Has age allowed you to be more or less faithful to your true self?
  • Do you regret the time you were too scared to take that leap of faith?
  • Have you ever been made trustworthy by someone who risked putting their trust in you?
  • Has too much doubt ever gotten you into trouble?
  • Is it possible your doubting is partially a way to avoid risking a leap of faith that scares you?
  • Despite its losses and challenges, Covid has clarified priorities for many of us. So, because of covid, what are you now more faithful to?
  • Is it time to take that leap of faith? You do know, don’t you, that we weren’t meant to make our homes on the safe edge of the cliff.

What’s your question? Your question may not be listed above. As always, if the above questions don’t include what life is asking from you, spend the month listening to your days to find the question that’s looking for you.

(Curated and adapted for KUF from the 2022 Soul Matters materials for the theme Renewing the Faith).