$350 Personalized wedding ceremony. Includes wording suggestions for your ceremony that will make your Big Day truly memorable, one or two meetings with your officiant, e-mail contact to refine and perfect the ceremony, performing the ceremony and the filing of all legal documents, plus a printed copy of your ceremony.
$275 Simple civil ceremony. A basic dignified ceremony that includes all legal requirements and speaks of love and commitment. The filing of all legal documents is included in this fee.
$100 Rehearsal fee. Includes the additional visit to the wedding venue and running through the entrance procession, the recessional and other parts of the ceremony as often as necessary until all participants are comfortable and confident.
$300 Cost of a memorial, funeral or Celebration of Life ceremony.
$200 Cost of a Child Dedication or Blessing.
Cost of other rites of passage ceremonies on request.

 Out of town travel expenses may apply.