Online Only – Light a Candle for Human Rights

Once a month there is a table at the back of the church where KUF members are invited to sign letters on behalf of victims of grave human rights abuses around the world. Who are these victims of human rights abuses and how do we get their names and stories? What do the letters say and to whom are they being sent? Do our letters make a difference? What does our activism have to do with our Unitarian principles?  

As we are focusing on the theme of Wisdom this month, and our work to awaken to a world larger than our own, we will take this Sunday to learn about Amnesty International, and how and why we support it. There will be a candle lighting ceremony for prisoners of conscience, a brief talk about AI by Barbara Dick, and three KUF members will share their reflections with us on the role of AI in helping them work for all who share the interdependent web of all existence.