Singing Our Way Through

When the first lock-down happened just over a year ago now, back in March 2020, singer-songwriter and UU community minister Wendy Luella Perkins pivoted her in-person singing meditation practice, Soulful Singing, to an online one. She has been singing every morning with folks since then and has written lots of new songs too (over 150 of them in that time period!). Today Wendy Luella will look back at the first year of the pandemic through the lens of some of the songs she has written. This will be a highly participatory, song-filled service.

Wendy Luella Perkins is committed to creating spaces where folks can access and liberate their voices. In her Soulful Singing over the last 19 years, she has seen again and again the power of song to support folks to heal, grow and step more fully into their own authentic power. Her song “We Give Thanks”, #1010 in Singing the Journey and her seasonal song “Every Night a Holy Night” are sung and shared in UU congregations around the continent. Wendy Luella is KUF’s affiliated community minister.
(Rev. Wendy Luella Perkins Speaking)