The Inconvenience of Reconciliation

When reconciliation is mentioned in the media these days conversation typically revolves around helping non-Indigenous settlers understand the impact that past colonial policies have had on Indigenous Peoples. Very little, if any, attention is given to how colonization is continuing today, the privilege we would need to relinquish to end it, and how we can approach the emotional healing-work required to create meaningful change. In this talk Erin Horvath will share her personal experiences of decolonization over the past 22 years with the hope of helping other settler-Canadians engage in the tough personal work that true reconciliation requires.

The flow of today’s Sunday Service will be significantly different from our normal Sunday gathering in order to allow time for our presenter’s talk and the content. The Sunday Service will be followed by a talking circle facilitated by today’s guest speaker and service weaver. Please quickly get your coffee or tea following service, and return to sit in a circle. We will return to our familiar flow next week, and for this service we respectfully invite you to join in a time of worshipful listening.