Sandra W.

Life long learner and seeker am I; yet I had not found a community that was a good fit, until one day. . .
I was attending a seasonal celebration with a group I had been associated with for a few years. We occasionally rented space from the Unitarian Fellowship for our more formal gatherings.
One meeting, while we waited for the activities to begin, I glanced over to a table that held pamphlets on Unitarian Universalism 7 Principles and the 6 Sources.

I read the list of Principles
As I read down the list, I check marked each Principle in turn.
Yes, yes and yes I agreed with all the guiding Principles. No hesitation.

The very next Sunday, knowing nothing about Unitarian Universalism, I walked into Kingston Unitarian Fellowship.
The first thing I found out was that the minister was on sabbatical for four months and the services would be lay-lead.
At the time I thought perhaps I should come back when the minister returned but I was warmly invited to join. I felt included and welcomed – I took a seat.

I brought my uncertainties and my biases, my shortcomings and my questions, and my thirst to learn more about a living tradition. I found a congregation of diverse and varied ideas under one roof, learning together to love alike even though we did not think alike.

KUF was the first congregation I had ever experienced that had questions, examined statements under the influence of science, shared their views and invited dialog with careful honest thought, shared openly, coupled with personal responsibility and accountability both within KUF and in the broader community.

The KUF community helped me to see possibility, to deep listen and motivate me to examine how to live thoughtfully in community and the wider world.
That was 10 years ago.

I have chosen KUF to be my home of personal exploration. KUF is where I can practice my core beliefs and where I’m challenged to grow in spiritual intelligence and supported in becoming the best person I can be.

Our wonderful minister Rev Beckett Coppola brings a love of connecting, learning and being authentically present. Together we are building a more diverse and welcoming community. With insightful Sunday Services sprinkled with good humour and good coffee I found Unitarian Universalsim my community.