Community Comforts

The holiday season brings joys, celebrations, and revelry at times. And some years it’s harder than others. How can community bring comfort? How can we feel both the uplift and the difficulties of this particular holiday season? Bring a photo of someone who isn’t here … read more.

Pluralism in the Public Square

In early November Rev. Beckett spent 7 gloriously overwhelming days at the 2018 Parliament of the Worlds Religions. The bulk of the programming, over 1000 programs, were offered on the 5 core days of the event. A few highlights and reflections on core takeaways will … read more.

Musical Memories

Our affiliated community minister Rev. Wendy Luella Perkins is also a Canadian singer/songwriter. Her work in Kingston and across Canada includes and celebrates the ministry that is music. How does music play a role in our lives through its connections to our histories and our … read more.