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Counting Our Blessings

When we count our blessings, intentionally remembering the things for which we are thankful, our capacity to engage in the full spectrum of life, positive and negative, experiences increased resiliency. Join Rev. Beckett Coppola‘s final Sunday service for our 2021-2022 congregational year, and then be … read more.

Have You Found What’s Yours To Do?

In Unitarian Universalism we intentionally honour the faith formation of the individual. Our goal, or perhaps aspiration, is to respect each other’s beliefs without feeling our beliefs are less true. This is also the case for our work or our mission in the world. And … read more.

My Muzungu Eyes Are Improving

“Finish your plate—there are children starving in Africa”. Every time Liz James heard these words as a child, she was filled with horror—why was nobody feeding those kids? Come hear the story of her adult efforts to help, and the story of a UU organization … read more.