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Mirth and Dignity

How do you steer in a world that is constantly shifting under your feet? Come hear the story of the 80,000 person UU humour group, its accidental beginning, and what it teaches us about navigating in a world of constant change.

Guest Speaker: Liz James, … read more.

Grateful for Play

In community the practice of gratitude can change a perspective, and sometimes even our life. Just like it can individually. In community the practice of play can do the same. Let’s come together this Sunday to practice gratitude, explore the idea of play, and notice … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

Bring a few of your favourite flowers to your seat as we gather virtually in our annual celebration of beauty and community. We will also bridge a new young adult, celebrate and bless a new name, make new memories in community, and perhaps you will … read more.