Heavy Joy

In moments when life feels heavy where do you turn to find the smallest sparks of joy? The things that remind you of hope, connection, and impermanence? As we enter the holiday season let us take a moment to turn toward one another, to be … read more.

Mindfulness Matters

What we put our attention on is impacted by our attention; that which we feed is what grows; where the attention flows, the energy goes… All of theses are important teachings from different traditions, thinkers, and practices. How can we head into the holidays, and … read more.

Christmas Eve Service (at 5pm)

Join us as we come together to share in the joys of singing and making meaning together at our annual Christmas Eve gathering. Holiday songs, special music, and more will companion us into the start of this year’s holiday. Have a candle beside you to … read more.

Special Sunday Service with Peter Mayer

This service is the music and reflections of Peter Mayer, a member of the White Bear UU Church of Minnesota and a living legend in UU circles. He is the creator of the hymn, “Blue Boat Home” and much more. He has been singing and … read more.