APPLICANT - Please read the following carefully before completing this form. This is a form that we require before granting you dealer status with Music Marketing. This is not necessarily a credit application and credit will not be automatically granted. We require at least 6 months of regular business before credit management would consider granting credit terms.

Applicant represents that the information in this application is complete and accurate and authorizes Music Marketing to check reporting agencies, credit references and other sources disclosed to confirm the information given.

After you submit this application, our customer service department will contact you and once approved you can begin placing orders right away.


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I accept and agree to the following terms and conditions with respect to all business transactions with Music Marketing herafter:

1. INTEREST ON LATE PAYMENTS: Interest at the rate of 10% for invoices not paid within the agreed upon terms.

2. COST OF COLLECTION: All costs incurred by Music Marketing for the collection of this account including, but not limited to, all fees paid to collection agencies and reasonable attorney's fees, whether suit is commenced or not including court costs will be assessed against the undersigned.

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