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Satisfied customers and pictures
Many installations of satisfied customers.
Satisfied customers and pictures

Backyard installation for an individual.Backyard installation for an individual.  
A familly installed their court on a wooden deck. It is perfect to law down the plastic court. ...

A senior's home.A senior's home.  
In this example, the owner of a home for the aged was smart investing into our court.His clientele ...

A senior's club.A senior's club.  
This club of retired people only have a room available two days a week.They do not own their ...

Campground's owners.Campground's owners.  
Imagine your customers comments when they will see and play on this unbeilevable court. For a new court ...

RV resortRV resort  
WOW, 4 Rolls-Royce side by side for this high end RV RESORT.

What a nice way to give plus value to your Hotel or Motel? Your customers will appreciate the ...

Cities and Municipalities.Cities and Municipalities.  
Leaders, be clairvoyants. Your population is aging. Adapte yourself to their needs. Shuffleboard is really popular with the ...

Municipalities (2)Municipalities (2)  
Into a park.

Gated community.Gated community.  
This gated community put their plastic court on top of the old concrete court.

With logo on it.With logo on it.  
You can have your logo painted in the middle for an additional $300 CAD.

For a marina.For a marina.  
Why not a Marina? Good idea....

For handicaped people.For handicaped people.  
Even people on wheel-chair can play...


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