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3-Tournament court #3
#3-Tournament court ( with yellow border all around )
#3-Tournament court ( with yellow border all around )
This court has larger shooting sections. It is a 6x40 court with 2 shooting sections of 8x6 and yellow borders all around the court. It gives you more space to shovel. This court looks better because of yellow border all around.

Example of a #3 at a Hotel
Example of a #3 at a Hotel
  • Larger shooting sections ( 8 feet ) are tournament's regulation.
  • It gives you 1 more feet to shoot on both sides.
  • Left handed people do not stand outside the shooting section with this 8 feet wide.
  • Yellow borders all around looks more finished.
  • Yellow borders allow you to bring back your discs without having to band over.
  • Yellow borders give you more security in avoiding people to fall on the edge of the court.
  • Required a 8'4"x 52'4" feet level area.
  • The yellow border has 2"x6" x 5/8" and goes from 5/8" on one side to 0" on the other side making a nice slope at the edge.
  • Court #2 has 240 green tiles for the court.
  • Court #2 has 96 red tiles for the shooting sections.
  • Court #2 has 124 linear feet of yellow borders.


Size, Capacity:8 X 6 X 52ft


Manufactured by:Planet Shuffleboard

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Made in Canada

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Description 3-Tournament court #3

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