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5-Regular court. #5
#5-Regular court
#5-Regular court
One of our most popular court. Full 6'x40' (green) with 2 shooting sections of 6'x6' (red) and yellow borders all around the court. We suggest this court for security purpose. The yellow borders all around the court make it easily visible and avoid customers to fall on the edge of the court.

Example of a #5 into a Municipality park
Example of a #5 into a Municipality park
  • Difference between this court and tournament court is the shooting sections 6'x6' instead of 6'x8'.
  • Yellow borders all around looks nicer.
  • Yellow borders allow you to bring back your discs without having to band over.
  • Yellow borders give you more security in avoiding people to fall on the edge of the court.
  • Required a 6'4"x 52'4" feet level area.
  • The yellow border has 2"x6" x 5/8" and goes from 5/8" on one side to 0" on the other side making a nice slope at the edge.
  • Court #5 has 240 green tiles for the court.
  • Court #5 has 72 red tiles for the shooting sections.
  • Court #5 has 116 linear feet of yellow borders.


Size, Capacity:6 X 52ft


Manufactured by:Planet Shuffleboard

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Made in Canada

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Description 5-Regular court. #5

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