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Free Tennis Court 

When you are buying 2 ( two ) shuffleboard courts #1( The Rolls-Royce ) and are putting it together, it make a surface of 2 times 10'x52'. We manage this space to be able to include a tennis court of 18'x41' ( half of a regular tennis court ). We are giving you the NET and 5 FOAM balls. It is as fun as playing on a regulation tennis court, but because you are playing with a foam ball, you do not need a large area . You can compare it to playing golf with foam balls. You have the same swings, but the ball does not go as far.

  • The color blocking make the tennis playing zones
  • The white makes the alley
  • Easy assembly. All you need is a level area of 20'4''x50'4''
  • Modular design permits court portability
  • Good for beginners, seniors and all age players
  • Narrow gauge ribs for best traction SECURE
  • Medium ball speed. Great for all skill levels
  • Low abrasion on balls and shoes
  • Quick drainage and drying after rains
  • Color full thickness. Excellent UV stability
  • Expansion joint every 3'' to avoid waves under sun
  • 8 locks per 12" side
  • Yellow border all around for eye catching SECURE

Size, Capacity:20'4" x 49'4"ft


Manufactured by:Planet Shuffleboard


Additional Information:Included, the net and 5 foam balls

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Made in CANADA

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Description Free Tennis Court 

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