Day 5

Day 5 is Thursday in the Judeo-Christian calendar.

Thursdays at 7:30, we will create gatherings intended to deepen and expand our spiritual lives.raven-soaring

Day 5 is a bridge between Sundays, so it can provide a sacred time between Sundays. Day 5 is a working day, so it can be a time to study. Day 5 is ordinary time, so it can offer us time to reflect on ordinary things and take them deeper.

MARCH 26, 2020: Amy Kaler will speak about Four Stories About Faith-Based Humanitarianism: Reports from Research with International Christian Organizations.

APRIL 2: Kayleigh Cline is inviting people to use this time of isolation to “make good art”, as Neil Gaiman said in his commencement speech to a group of university graduates. Bring your own or other people’s poetry that you are finding hopeful and helpful. The link to our zoom gathering will be emailed to the Congregation by April 2.