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From: Jim Smythe of the Stewardship Committee, formerly Board Chair

For 60 years, people have come through St. Paul’s doors seeking inspiration, or forgiveness, or grace, or just understanding.  Babies have been baptized.  Newlyweds have kissed.  Families and friends have mourned those who died.  And everyone has been offered cake or coffee at some time.  We have built homes for those without.  We help shelter those in need.  We knit quilts for sagging shoulders. We seek justice for this world and for all the people in it.  Above all else, we preach, and hear, and repeat the primacy of love.  Above all else, love.

If we act thoughtfully and intentionally as stewards of this message, this mission, this church, this love, then 60 years from now St. Paul’s will still be here.  Not just standing here, but shining here as a vital beacon of hope, blazing here as a torch for justice, acting from here to make a difference in our community and in distant places such as Zambia, Angola, and Uganda.  Even the solar panels on our roof will be shouting the message of love!

I hope I have inspired you.  Please take time to reflect on the importance of St. Paul’s to you, to your family, but also to this community and this world.  Consider the value of nurturing our mission so that it will stay vital for years to come.

Yours in Faith,

Jim Smythe, Stewardship Committee

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