New! Capture smokeless ashtray New!
Ionic Smokeless Ashtray, Generation III (patented)
The most advanced ionic smokeless ashtray yet developed to eliminate smoke and odor. Smoke is broken down into minute, negatively charged particles which are then captured by the positively charged stainless steel lining of the dome. No filters are needed. Clean air emerges from top of dome. Remove the threat of secondhand smoke. Use the provided attractive ceramic ashtray or use your own favorite ashtray.

r use this innovative product as a negative ion generator or an air cleaner. It produces over one million negative ions per square centimeter of air. These healthful negative ions help freshen the air and the environment.

This is the third generation ionic ashtray with proven NASA technology. Use it anywhere quality of air is important to you, to loved ones, friends, or peers.


for Cigars & Cigarettes

Or, buy Capture with A/C adapter and never again buy another battery. Capture uses a proven patented ion technology by using a compact, yet powerful electronic negative ion generator inside each ashtray.
Includes A/C adapter
No batteries required

Alkaline Batteries: 2- 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
Household current: 3- 12 V AC adapter wall plug

We Accept smokeless ashtray smoke trap


Secondhand Smoke

OMA position paper on second-hand smoke

Secondhand smoke can hurt unborn babies

Danger: Second-hand smoke

Secondhand Smoke - Passive Smoke

US EPA -- Indoor Air - Secondhand Smoke

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