Camelian Lighted Quad Wheels
These third generation quad (roller) skate wheels come with advanced Adva Klear* clear Polyurethane tires and hard black nylon hubs. Built-in, air cooled micro-generator (permanently bonded to the core) is designed for maximum efficiency, minimum friction, and high impact. They weigh no more than non-lighted wheels of same size. Come with 3 lights but appear with 24 lights when in motion. ABEC-5 bearings already installed.
"Your wheels are the best I have ever tried"--- C.J. New Jersey, USA  

Comes with ABEC-5 bearings


Size Color
62 mm Bright Red/Blue/Green lights
54 mm Bright Red/Blue/Green lights
54 mm Bright Red/ Red/ Red
54 mm Bright Yellow/ Yellow /Yellow

We Accept smokeless ashtray smoke trap


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