Comments from Our Customers

"I received the smokeless ashtray and the person I bought it for is extremely happy with it and will be ordering three or four more for her home."--- L.T. New York, USA

"In some respects, ordering over the Internet can be trial and error as you have no idea whether the organization you are dealing with believes in good customer relations. Obviously, Talon Develpoment Corporation does and I am very greatful to you for this."--- J.D. Colorado, USA

"Again can't believe how your company stands behind their product - it's heartwarming and a blessing in this day and age."--- R.S., New York, USA

"I wanted to drop a quick note and tell you that you have an excellent product in the smoke trap. The smoke really disappears. I have purchased 2 of these ash trays recently and I am amazed at the results."--- C.C. Massachusetts, USA

"I thank you again for your support, which is very uncommon in France !"--- D.D. Paris, France

"Good work, I really like the graphics."--- J.M., Florida, USA

"I ordered some of the same wheels a while back and like them so much I want to get some more."--- J.W., London, England

"I wanted to say that I go skating a lot at night and every time I am out many people stop me and want to know where they can get the wheels."--- M.T., California, USA

"Your wheels are the best I have ever tried!"--- C.J., New Jersey, USA

"I love your wheels !!!!!"--- M.A., Texas, USA

"Talon Fire wheels are the best wheels I have ever used in my life."--- N.H., Arizona, USA

"I really appreciate the speed and concern in which you have dealt with my query and I look forward to ordering from your organization again in the near future."--- C.C., East YorkShire, UK

"Thanks, you're the most responsive of all the smokeless ashtray vendors that I contacted."--- G.G., New York, USA


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