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WISC Electronic Registration System


Welcome to the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club Electronic Registration System (WISCERS). Registering to play with WISCERS is simple and fast. Now you can register from the comfort of your own home or office at no additional cost!


The following league/age groups are currently available for registration:

2015 OPDL Payments
  • 2002/U13 Boys 1st Payment (Closed)
  • 2002/U13 Boys 2nd Payment (Closed)
  • 2002/U13 Boys 3rd Payment (Open)
  • 2001/U14 Boys 1st Payment (Closed)
  • 2001/U14 Boys 2nd Payment (Closed)
  • 2001/U14 Boys 3rd Payment (Open)
  • 2002/U13 Girls 1st Payment (Closed)
  • 2002/U13 Girls 2nd Payment (Closed)
  • 2002/U13 Girls 3rd Payment (Open)
  • 2001/U14 Girls 1st Payment (Closed)
  • 2001/U14 Girls 2nd Payment (Closed)
  • 2001/U14 Girls 3rd Payment (Open)
2015/2016 Indoor Season
  • Coed U4 + U5/2011 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U4 + U5/2010 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U6 + U7/2009 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U6 + U7/2008 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U8 + U9/2007 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U8 + U9/2006 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U10 + U11/2005 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U10 + U11/2004 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U12 + U13/2003 (Open)
  • Coed U12 + U13/2002 (Open)
  • Coed U14 + U15/2001 (Open)
  • Coed U14 + U15/2000 (Open)
  • Coed U16 + U17 + U18/1999 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U16 + U17 + U18/1998 (Waiting List Only)
  • Coed U16 + U17 + U18/1997 (Waiting List Only)
2015/2016 Mens & Ladies Indoor
  • Mens Division (Waiting List Only)
  • Ladies Division (Waiting List Only)
2015 LTPD U8 - U12 Final Payment
  • 2007/U8 Boys Final Payment (Open)
  • 2006/U9 Boys Final Payment (Open)
  • 2005/U10 Boys Final Payment (Open)
  • 2004/U11 Boys Final Payment (Open)
  • 2003/U12 Boys Final Payment (Open)
  • 2007/U8 Girls Final Payment (Open)
  • 2006/U9 Girls Final Payment (Open)
  • 2005/U10 Girls Final Payment (Open)
  • 2004/U11 Girls Final Payment (Open)
  • 2003/U12 Girls Final Payment (Open)
2016 LTPD 1st Payment
  • 2008 LTPD Boys & Girls 1st Payment (Open)
  • 2007 LTPD Boys & Girls 1st Payment (Open)
  • 2006 LTPD Boys & Girls 1st Payment (Open)
  • 2005 LTPD Boys & Girls 1st Payment (Open)
  • 2004 LTPD Boys & Girls 1st Payment (Open)


To start your registration session, please provide your e-mail address and click the "Start registration..." button below. If you've registered with WISCERS in the past then you will be asked to provide your password to access your previously provided information.


Privacy Policy Statement

WISC respects your privacy and personal data. Please take a moment to review the WISC Privacy Policy Statement.

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