Installing ZMM on MacOS

    1. Put file zmm.tar.gz in your home directory. i.e. /Users/xxxx, where xxxx is your user name on the system.
    2. Type: gunzip zmm.tar.gz
    3. Type: tar xpf zmm.tar
    4. The default home directory for ZMM is ~/zmm/.  Where ~ is your $HOME. If you want to install ZMM in other location, put zmm.tar.gz in that directory and execute steps 1 to 3.
    5. Specify path to folder ~/zmm/exe/ (See Notes below)
    6. Set environmental variable ZMM_HOME (See Notes below)
    7. To test ZMM, go to zmm/Test/ and type "run". Upon completion of the test, type "analyse". You should see neither *fail files, nor ZMM_error files. Files *.dif will show the output difference between your computer and ZMM-developers computer. The difference may occur due to specific hardware configurations. In case of big difference(s), please contact
    8. download "CHM Viewer Free" from apple store
    9. Instructions are contained in ZMM_HOME/exe/zmm_help.chm, it can be opened with CHM Viewer Free.


bash: add the following two lines to file .bashrc

export ZMM_HOME=${HOME}/zmm/
export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/zmm/exe

The above lines may vary depending on the operating system and command interpreter. Contact your system administrator for details.