Installing ZMM on UNIX

    1. Create a home directory for ZMM. It may have any name and any location. The following commands assume that the ZMM home directory is ~/zmm/
    2. Put file zmm.tar.gz in ~/zmm/
    3. Go to directory ~/zmm/
    4. Type: gunzip zmm.tar.gz
    5. Type: tar xpf zmm.tar
    6. Specify path to folder ~/zmm/exe/ (See Examples below)
    7. Set environmental variable ZMM_HOME (See Examples below)
    8. To test ZMM, go to zmm/test/ and type "run". Upon completion of the test, type "check". You should see neither *fail files, nor ZMM_error files. Files *.dif will show the output difference between your computer and ZMM-developers computer. The difference may occur due to specific hardware configurations. In case of big difference(s), please contact ZMMSoft.
    9. Use PC/Windows to read and search ZMM-2020 help file.


tcsh: add the following two lines to file .cshrc

setenv ZMM_HOME ~/zmm/
set path=(~/zmm/exe $path)

bash: add the following two lines to file .bashrc

export ZMM_HOME=${HOME}/zmm/
export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/zmm/exe

The above lines may vary depending on the operating system and command interpreter. Contact your system administrator for details.