Installing ZMM on Windows (XP, 7, 10)

1.     Download file zmm-mvm_Year_Month_Date_ setup.exe

2.     temporary disable antivirus software on windows

3.     Click zmm-mvm_Year_Month_Date_ setup.exe and following instructions

4.     Default installation location is c:/zmm/

5.     To test ZMM, go to zmm/Test/ and click "0_run". Upon completion of the test edit/inspect the various .dif files in the Test/ directory. The listed .dif files should be within the size of 1000 bytes. You should see neither *fail files, nor ZMM_error files. Files *.dif shows the output difference between your computer and ZMM-developers computer. The difference may occur due to specific hardware configurations. In case of big difference(s), please contact

6.     Once satisfied with installation, click "0_clean" to cleanup all files generated during testing.

7.     Instructions are contained in ZMM_HOME/exe/zmm_help.chm