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Who Are We?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals aiming to provide attendees with the latest innovations in cardiovascular medicine via a dynamic, interactive event.

The Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit is a unique meeting in Canada. The 2-day format allows for primary care physicians, cardiovascular specialists, clinical- investigators and basic scientists to meet together face-to face to promote the translation of evidence from the bench to bedside to populations. With this structure, our themes of innovation and translation permeate every aspect of the meeting. With your outstanding contribution, we have achieved these goals. We appreciate any feedback from you as we are keen to build on our success, and to continue to improve our meeting.

Finally, we particularly appreciate your willingness to make time in your busy schedules to join us. We think of our meeting as the beginning of new collaborations, and the strengthening of those established over the past 20 years.

Why Attend?

This conference brings together the most exciting advances in cardiovascular disease and related multidisciplinary conditions, from treatment to prevention, and innovation to application. The program is unique because of its translational theme. The global faculty and participating audience represent the faces of cardiovascular medicine with a truly international perspective. This will bring discoveries to the bedside. To enhance the learning experience, the meeting features lectures, panel discussion, problem-solving sessions and case presentations to foster interaction between the faculty and the participants.

Program Directors


Chief Scientific Officer, University of Ottawa Heart Institute


Associate Dean for Research and Clinical Trials, Cedars Sinai California


Professor of Medicine
Director, Division of Cardiology
University of Alberta and Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute


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About us

The Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit has held successful symposia for the last 25 years. Join us at our next event where we will celebrate our 26th anniversary.

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