4144 Jericho Circle

Kensington Gardens, 2220 Kingsway, Burnaby

Three tower and two low rise buildings with 36 custom steel spiral staircases for rooftop access and three massive steel rooftop enclosures. Located right on the side of Kingsway is the glass enclosed steel feature canopy, weighing 14 tonnes and self supported off a single steel V Column on one side and anchored into the building.

McLeod Athletic Park, 5687 Johnston Townline Rd., Langley

4 sets of casts in place concrete and steel stairs began to bleed through extensive weathering, showing extensive rust damage on the underside of the stairs. Vedder was approached to complete the supply and installation of new galvanized steel stairs with open flow grating treads and handrails.

BC Cancer Center, 600 W 10th Ave., Vancouver

Vedder Steel completed the fabrication, supply and installing a feature spiral stair tower.

PING (Spiral Stair) Identity, 564 Beatty St., Vancouver

Vedder Steel was tasked with the supply and installation of a feature spiral staircase inside the existing building. This spiral stair was assembled out of box beam stringers. shaped in sections and fully assembled with the handrails included prior to the installation due to this being an occupied building. As the building was being occupied, Vedder Steel designed a custom monorail track system to maneuver the stair into position.

Staircases - Exterior

Staircases - Interior